How to Repair an Antique Ithaca Shotgun

54 How to Repair an Antique Ithaca Shotgun

Ithaca shotguns were originally manufactured in 1937 in response to the Remington Model 17. Because this pump-action shotgun both loads and ejects shells from the bottom, the Ithaca has become a popular choice for left-handed shooters.

Rich Shoop (The Gun Slinger, Mt. Ayr, Indiana) was hired to restore this antique Ithaca, and discovered a missing piece on the barrel.  After reconstructing a custom part, Rich called Muggy Weld for assistance, and opted to reattach the piece with SSF-6 56% Silver Solder.

Prior to making the repair, Rich sandblasted all the steel parts to remove any impurities and oxidation.  While SSF-6’s unique flux coating is specially formulated to provide twice the cleansing action of conventional flux coatings, pre-cleaning the base metal will ensure a superior bond and will require less flux to achieve said bond.

After sand-blasting the steel parts, he used an oxyacetylene torch to braze the steel, removed excess flux quickly and easily with warm water and a wire brush, then powder coated the shotgun to finish the repair.


  • Never heat metal bright red, as this can impede the flow of SSF-6
  • Broadly preheating beforehand reduces the surrounding metal from pulling heat away from the targeted area
  • Allow the flux to work momentarily before adding the rod
  • Flow out each drop of rod before depositing more
  • Almost any torch can be used, including: propane, MAPP gas, natural gas and air, straight acetylene, or oxyacetylene
  • Cheap brass tips do not work well in most cases, a trigger start torch or Bernzomatic BZ8250HT Torch is recommended
  • If the rod is in place and you want more flow, add more flux
  • After brazing, let the part air cool naturally to achieve the highest strength


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