How to Repair a Steel Hydraulic Line with SSF-6 Silver Solder

How to Repair a Steel Hydraulic Line with SSF-6 Silver Solder.  One of the first videos featured on

This steel hydraulic hose assembly was in need of repair, so John at MHSS (a hydraulic hose repair shop in Sarasota, FL) utilized SSF-6 56% Silver Solder to join the steel, saving the $300 hydraulic hose from the trash bin.

SSF-6 is the ideal leak-tight solution for brazing and welding steel hydraulic lines.  As you can see, 1 inch of material flows 18 inches–front to back, with a bonding strength of 70,000 psi.  The specially formulated flux coating provides twice the base metal cleansing action of typical silver flux coatings, promoting excellent bonding.

Cadmium-free SSF-6 flows in all positions at 1150°F and bonds to galvanized iron, cast iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, , carbon-moly, carbide, chrome-moly, galvanized iron, cadmium coated steel, German steel, inconel , cupronickel, mild steel, carbon steel, spring steel, manganese steel, silicone bronze, silver, gold, and cast steel individually or with other metals.

In this video, John gently heats the silver solder rod, then applies the flux coating to the joint.  He keeps his flame moving to avoid overheating the parent metal, and lays the silver solder rod in when the steel has turned a dull red color.  John used less than an inch of SSF-6 to repair the steel hydraulic line, he charged $70 for the repair and saved his customer $230 and the downtime that would have been necessary waiting for a new part.

Well done, John!



  • When working your way around the tube, it is not always necessary to add more flux to flow–simply add a little heat to pull the material around the tube.
  • Make sure the metal is clean before soldering.
  • Allow the flux work for momentarily before adding the rod.


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