Repair Cast Zinc with Super Alloy 1 Solder: Statue Repair

Repair a Cast Zinc Statue with Super Alloy 1 Multi-Metal Solder

A Muggy Weld customer utilized Super Alloy 1 and an oxyacetylene torch to repair this life sized cast zinc statue.  The heavy piece was broken in several areas along the base, top to bottom, and required a strong alloy to secure the base.   Brass was used to fill in the gap, and Super Alloy 1 bonded the zinc die cast to the brass effortlessly.

After using a Dremel tool to remove the oxidation on the zinc die cast, our customer dipped the rod into the flux and applied the flux to the work area, one at a time.  Due to the size of the project, several kits of 1/8 diameter rods were used, reconstructing the base piece by piece.   We also recommended using a push button torch rather than a standard brass tip, as standard tips do not create a focused flame capable of heating large parts such as this statue.

Zinc die cast was previously difficult to repair, due to its low melting temperature and inconsistent chemical composition.  Super Alloy 1 melts at 350ºF, enabling even an novice welder to repair zinc die cast pieces quickly and easily, with no special equipment.  And Super Alloy 1’s flux changes color from honey gold to root beer brown when the parent metal reaches the proper working temperature, acting as an exact temperature guide.

When the flux changes color, apply the filler rod and keep the torch moving to avoid overheating the delicate zinc cast parts.

Note:  Heat Freeze Heat Paste may be used to prevent solder remelt while working on the remaining broken parts.

After completely reconstructing the base one break at a time, the residual flux is removed with a wire brush and warm water.


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.