Precision Silver Solder: Brazing Steel Rings with SSQ-6

Welders and brazers often come across applications that require a precision silver solder rather than a stick rod.

SSQ-6 silver solder paste is the perfect solution for precision jobs.  Extremely helpful for jewelry-making, this paste version of our SSF-6 silver solder has the flux incorporated in the alloy itself, making precision soldering a quick and easy task.  And SSQ-6 is cadmium free, so it’s safe for both medical and restaurant environments.

As you can see in this video, not only is the silver solder paste used to join the steel rings, it’s also utilized as a jig to hold the delicate pieces together.  When balancing delicate part together, a stick rod could potentially knock the parts over without a very steady hand.  SSQ-6 silver solder paste almost glues them together to hold the parts in place, ready for the precision soldering at hand.

Always preclean the base metal before applying your silver solder paste.  Failure to preclean may result in an unreliable bond.

After cleaning the base metals completely, gently squeeze the applicator to apply a small quantity of SSQ-6 between the delicate parts.  Align the parts, then light your soldering torch.  Begin to heat the steel broadly.  Watch the metal turn to a dull red then observe as the silver solder melts into the joint within seconds.

Proper application will result in perfect joints for your precision silver solder jobs every time.  Each SSQ-6 syringe comes with a needle point applicator tip, allowing you to successfully bond everything from stainless to brass to copper to steel, bronze and even cast iron.

Excess flux can be easily removed with warm water and any type of wire brush.



  • Notice how much is applied to the rings, a little is good for this joint more will waste product
  • Only apply paste to cooled metals
  • Can be used in all positions, and may be applied with one hand for easy application
  • SSQ-6 flows at 1050°F, so as long as your torch can heat the base metal to it’s melting point, any torch can be used


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.

Caution: Do not store near edible items. If you refrigerate SSQ-6, please store in a “chemical only” designated refrigerator.