Pot Metal Repair Kit Restores 1941-47 Ford COE Emblem

A pot metal repair kit is a useful tool for any classic car restoration project.

In this video testimonial, MuggyWeld customer Chad Drake utilized Super Alloy 1 pot metal repair kit and a propane torch while restoring his 1941-47 Ford Cabover Engine (COE) emblem.

Many classic car parts are hard to find due to the limited quantities produced at the time of manufacture.  Previously, temporary solutions such as bonding agents were used to effectively “glue” the parts together, leaving a substandard repair.  Now, thanks to MuggyWeld Super Alloy 1, these rare classic car parts can be easily repaired at home, without employing a professional welder.

Chad purchased this 1941-47 Ford COE emblem in pieces, hoping he could restore it to its original glory.  After watching our pot metal repair series of videos, Chad decided to attempt the restoration, with beautiful results.

First, Chad secured the parts in place with a vice to ensure correct alignment prior to soldering.  He then prepared the metal by removing the oxidation layer.  This can be achieved a number of ways:  sandblasting, sandpaper, Dremel tool etc.  After properly preparing the joints, he immediately applied the Super Alloy 1 flux by dipping the rod into the flux and rubbing it on the joint.

The honey flux assists the rod in flowing into the joint, creating a stronger filler bond.  A second feature of the unique flux is its transformational quality–the color changes from honey colored to a root beer brown when the pot metal reaches the proper working temperature, taking the guesswork out of rod application.   Once the flux changed color, he applied the filler rod and continued to apply heat in a broad fashion.  Chad made sure the torch was always moving, to avoid overheating this precious pot metal part.

The final product is a fully restored emblem that can be chrome-plated and reattached to the vehicle.

Thanks, Chad, for sharing your success with our MuggyWeld viewers.


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