Aluminum Air Conditioning Repair Tips And Techniques For The DIYer

Aluminum Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Aluminum Air Conditioning Repair Tips

During the summer months, you need the air conditioning system in your car to be in pristine condition, especially if you intend on hitting the road and traveling in your vehicle frequently.

However, the aluminum pipes and radiator fins which make up the air conditioning system can be susceptible to splits and holes as a result of the vibrations from the car which can lead to deterioration. If you aren’t wanting to spend a fortune on repairs, then DIY auto air conditioning repair is the perfect option, and easy to do with a little know-how.

Signs that your aluminum air conditioner system isn’t working include weak airflow, warm air being expelled from the system instead of cool air, and inconsistencies in how well the air conditioning is working.

Before checking for any damage to your air conditioning system, make sure the engine is turned off and no longer warm. To identify the presence of a small split or leak which is immediately visible, leak detection dye may be required.

For large holes, at-home repair may not be feasible. However, small, porous holes can be easily welded or brazed to prevent any further damage and stop any leaks.

Welding Repair Technique

When welding over a hole in your auto air conditioning system, the most important thing to consider is the type of solder you are using.

Super Alloy 1 by Muggy Weld is a low-temperature multi-metal solder that bonds all white metals. Its low melting temperature makes it ideal for work on rare cars, particularly aluminum air conditioning fins, as it won’t warp or damage the area.

Super Alloy 5 aluminum welding, brazing, and soldering rod performs similarly and is popular among thousands of US air conditioning experts due to its ability to flow through tight-fitting joints, creating a corrosion-resistant finish.

Although cleaning the area of damage is not essential, less flux is required for cleaner parts. Brazing is best for aluminum due to the thinness of the metal, and can be done easily with a propane torch – no welders are required. As long as you can reach the area in need of repair with your torch, you are unlikely to have to disassemble parts of your air-con system.

Heat your super alloy with your torch and apply flux while before heating the area of your air conditioning system which is in need of repair. Holding your alloy rod over the hole, melt the flux over the area to clean and prepare the aluminum before melting the rod over the hole to fill it in.

This process is incredibly quick and perfect for small holes in your auto air conditioning as well as HVAC systems. Maintain your air conditioning system this summer with Muggy Weld DIY welding products and see immediate results at home.