Replace a Missing Pot Metal Piece with Super Alloy 1

Pot metal (sometimes referred to as “zinc die cast” or “white metal” or “monkey metal”) is an alloy composed of many different metals including aluminum, copper and zinc.  It is an inexpensive metal used in many cast and antique products, and has a low melting temperature of just 786 degrees F.

Super Alloy 1 is an ideal solution for repairing and joining broken pot metal pieces.  In this video demonstration, a pot metal tail light bezel has been broken in two pieces, and is joined with Super Alloy 1, a propane torch, and HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE (formerly Cool Blue).

After joining one side of the broken pot metal with Super Alloy 1, HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE protects the solder from re-melting while joining the second side of the broken part.



  •  Always use adequate HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE to ensure your part is fully protected.
  • Always allow your part to cool completely before removing the HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE for your safety and the safety of your part.
  • Keep HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE clean to ensure long life of the product
  • For best results, occasionally add water to HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE as necessary to keep moist.
  • Allow adequate space between HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE and the area to be welded.  HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE works so well it can absorb the heat from the area needing to be repaired.
  • Wash hands after handling HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE or use gloves to apply.


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.