Buick Classic Car Pot Metal Repair

111 Pot metal is an inexpensive alloy comprised of any combination of zinc, magnesium, cadmium, lead, iron, copper, aluminum and tin. Many classic car parts were manufactured from pot metal (also known as white metal, monkey metal, or zinc die-cast) due to its inexpensive cost and quick & easy casting properties.

Historically, many of these parts have been discarded with age, simply because pot metal’s low melting point (786°F) has proven difficult to repair.  With a melting point of 350°F, Super Alloy 1 is the rod of choice for soldering pot metal, enabling classic car enthusiasts to effectively repair pitting, cracks & broken pot metal castings.

This antique Buick grille had both a hole and a break in the pot metal and was in need of restoration.  After using a sanding disc to clean the contaminates and oxidation from the work surface, Super Alloy 1 rod and flux were used to for both repairs.  Notice the flux’s change from honey gold to root beer brown.  This reflects the temperature of the parent metal and indicates when to apply the filler rod.

After filling the hole in the pot metal, HEAT FREEZE HEAT PASTE is applied to eliminate re-melting the solder while working on the broken piece.


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