Aluminum Boat Dent Repair

153 Super Alloy 5 aluminum brazing rod and an oxyacetylene torch with size 1 brazing tip are used to repair a large dent in an aluminum boat. For this application, a carburizing flame is recommended, to avoid overheating the thin aluminum parent metal.


Note: propane flames burn at 3,630°F, oxy-propane flames burn at 4,530°F, and oxyacetylene flames burn at 6,330°F. When working on large masses of aluminum, an oxygen fueled torch is required to allow the parent metal to reach the proper working temperature. If you do not have an oxyacetylene torch, an oxy-MAPP torch can be used:

The technique highlighted in this video is an aluminum brazing application. Brazing has many advantages over welding: aluminum brazing equipment is inexpensive and portable, no special skills are needed (simply follow the instructions shown in this and other videos), aluminum boat repairs are made quickly and without disassembly, and the resulting bond is a permanent solution for many aluminum boat problems (cracks, tears, seams, rivets etc).

Super Alloy 5 is effective for building up and filling holes, dents, voids, pits, porosity, low spots and other damage to aluminum boats.


NotePlease observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products.